Rupi Kaur, Taking Her Body Back and More

Alyssa Cockrell

In this volume of our journal, I took the opportunity to explore the new work of the popular poet, Rupi Kaur. Her first book of poetry, milk and honey, was released in 2014 and is a #1 New York Times Best Seller. Released in 2017, her second book, the sun and her flowers takes on a similar feel with the structure and illustrations included. After reading both of her books of poetry, I took to the Internet to learn more about this poet who beautifully constructs prose that reflects experiences from her life, and so accurately describes the rises and downfalls of the female experience in general.

I, myself, am a fan of TED talks. They give audiences the opportunity to learn and take something away from the speech or story presented. The topics provided by this organization range from science to religion to business. Depending on the topic, the audience is presented with stories or simply educated on a specific area of focus. Rupi Kaur’s TED talk, posted on YouTube on September 2, 2016, completely warps the format of what one typically expects of a TED talk to be. Sure, stories have always been told through this medium, but not quite in the way that Kaur does.

Spoken word, a poetic type of storytelling, is a popular form of oral literature that is typically performed in coffee shops or at open-mic nights in cities around the world. This is the type of story that Kaur presents the audience in her talk, “I’m Taking My Body Back” where her intricate weaving of poetry and narrative create a strong and hypnotic story to listen to. Through her storytelling, Rupi Kaur inspires the discovery of “home” in your own body. Her voice is truly captivating, and one that leaves the audience stunned and in awe.
For more on Rupi Kaur, watch her TED talk, or visit her website.

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